Sunday, 23 August 2015

Fix8 version 1.3.4 released!

It's been a while but here is the latest maintenance update for Fix8 Open Source. It addresses a number of important bugs. Thanks to all who have contributed to making the framework increasingly mature and stable

Download here.

For new features and enhancements, see Fix8Pro.

Summary of changes

  • Fixed Jira tickets - FX-511, FX-490, FX-491, FX-480, FX-470, FX-336, FX-525, FX-524, FX-523, FX-520, FX-516, FX-527
  • Client logout crashes FIX server
  • SessionWrapper needs to be cleaned up in the destructor
  • Fixed Seqedit reports corrupted persister index
  • Fixed compile errors on OSX
  • Fixed Provide hook in Session to modify header before sending
  • ReliableClientSession crash when connection failed
  • Fixed Crash on sending cloned message
  • Added Provide optional improved checksum calculation
  • Added Provide Consolemenu method to remove msg from list and return to application
  • Fixed Replace get_value<> with stoi, stoul, stof, etc
  • Added Provide non-const header and trailer accessors
  • Fixed With f8config installed in system includes, #defines causes namespace pollution
  • Fixed Test harness improvements, testing

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