Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Fix8 version 1.3.3 released!

This maintenance update for Fix8 Open Source addresses a number of important bugs. Download here.

For new features and enhancements, see Fix8Pro.

Summary of changes

  • Fixed Jira tickets - FX-321, FX-319, FX-336, FX-480
  • Fixed Provide capability to build stock FIX libraries
  • Fixed seqedit Poco linkage prolem
  • Added CMake find_package support
  • Fixed ssout_xxxx() macros can be used outside FIX8 namespace
  • Fixed Schedule::test bug fix for calculating "today" in local time zone
  • Fixed support application framework to manage all purmutations of process_model and mode
  • Fixed issue in MessageBase::clear
  • Fixed XML parser does not support CDATA values
  • Fixed ReliableClientSession crash when connection failed
  • Fixed Client logout crashes FIX server