Friday, 2 January 2015

Fix8 version 1.3.2 released!

This maintenance update for Fix8 Open Source is our first for the new year and addresses a number of important bugs. Download here.

For new features and enhancements, see Fix8Pro.

Summary of changes

  • Fixed Jira tickets - FX-394,FX-385,FX-379,FX-372,FX-371,FX-355,FX-353,FX-350, 
  • FX-321,FX-328, FX-326, FX-307, FX-332, FX-333, FX-369, FX-354, FX-323
  • Fixed schedule is_valid() returns true even schedule is invalid under win
  • Fixed Fix8 has empty timestamps under windows
  • Fixed client session reconnect failure after previous abnormal session disconnect
  • Fixed unhandled message and reject problems
  • Fixed invalid tag in test log of Win build
  • Fixed Tickval::todouble returning 0
  • Fixed provide capability to build stock FIX libraries
  • Fixed improve VS2013 build wth stock FIX schemas
  • Fixed replace time/date handling (Tickval) with C++11 std::chrono
  • Fixed ReliableClientSession crash when socket connection refused
  • Fixed Fix8 test harness (client) improvements
  • Fixed provide support for longname field lookup
  • Fixed add git revision & fix8 version reporting to log during fix8 start
  • Fixed crashing in hftest of Win build
  • Fixed on exit when using std::thread, logger reports "resource deadlock avoided"
  • Fixed copy_legal causes segfault on windows
  • Fixed f8test client and server core dumps on exit when compiled with stdthread