Monday, 21 July 2014

DIAMOND CIRCLE and Fix8MT join forces to develop digital currency exchange trading technology for Bitcoin

Sydney, Brisbane, 21 July, 2014 – Fix8 Market Technologies Pty Ltd (Fix8MT) and DIAMOND CIRCLE Pty Ltd today jointly announced the founding of a partnership to develop a digital currency trading platform around Fix8, the fastest open source C++ FIX (Financial Information Exchange) Protocol Framework.  This partnership aims to develop a robust high performance execution platform using the next generation open source FIX Framework as well as other new technologies to be announced.

David Dight, Sydney, CEO of Fix8 Market Technologies, stated “I am really thrilled to have a new partner in this exciting domain of digital currency service provision. Together with DIAMOND CIRCLE we will provide new opportunities for Bitcoin trading. We believe the time is right for a fully fledged FIX enabled execution platform for digital currencies and Fix8 is in our view the right choice for DIAMOND CIRCLE”   

Stephen Rowlison, Brisbane, CEO of DIAMOND CIRCLE said, ”Diamond Circle continues to be a first prime mover in the crypto-currency digital payments having adopted FIX offers further competitive advantage.  With FIX we can serve the needs of investment banks, brokers and major exchanges. We have had a relationship with the management of Fix8MT for over 30 years and of course it’s super cool to be working with David again on cutting edge advancements in the financial sector.

About Fix8 Open source FIX Framework
Fix8 is a community supported open source FIX framework. It is popular among low-latency FIX users.  According to the official benchmark result, Fix8’s average encoding/decoding speed is 2.1/3.2 μs/msg (microseconds/msg).  Fix8 supports all widely used FIX versions - 4.X to 5.X - as well as FIXT1.X. Custom FIX variants are also easily supported and multiple FIX variants can be used in the same application. Fix8 runs on Linux, OSX and Windows and supports IA32, x86-64, Itanium, PowerPC and ARMv7 architectures.
The Fix8 project is backed by extensive product documentation, FAQ, issue reporting and tracking system (JIRA) and Wiki guides. The project’s discussion forums provide a platform for community support and are actively monitored by the product developers and power users.

Fix8 is a member of FIX Trading Community, formerly FIX Protocol Limited (FPL). FTC is the non-profit industry association responsible for defining, managing and promoting increased usage of FIX as an enabler for electronic trading.

About Fix8 Market Technologies
Fix8 Market Technologies (Fix8MT) develops and maintains the Fix8 open source Framework, and has developers in Australia, China and the Russian Federation. Fix8MT is responsible for providing and managing additional support and consultancy services, and works closely with the Fix8 open source community to grow commercial support services through 3rd party ISVs.

About Diamond Circle
DIAMOND CIRCLE is a payment network for both fiat, crypto-currency storage and exchange. We facilitate instant payments in a safe and secure manner globally.  We provide products and services that encourage easy adoption for consumers and merchants, including integration with traditional currencies from many countries on one debit card we call it “OneWallet”, we are the new payments player incorporating a new generation of possibilities which allows the freedom, strength and community development that is innovative, compliant and independently sovereign.  DIAMOND CIRCLE empowers every individual to be responsible for their own money and revolutionises the Internet as a community.