Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Fix8 version 1.2.0 released

This release builds on our stable 1.1 version and adds some important improvements that many users have been asking for. This release also marks the fork of Fix8Pro, our commercially supported version.

Download here.

1. C++11

Fix8 now requires C++11 compiler support. Fix8 will refuse to build without it! It was time for us to make this move. Most modern compilers support the new language extensions.

2. Windows NuGet package Support

These packages are now available and will make building on windows with VS2013 much easier.

3. Multisession (client/server) support

Additional capability has been added to Fix8 to support operation in hub mode. This includes session and login scheduling. In our future release we will provide full FIX hub support which will leverage these features.

4. Default configuration settings

We've added a default configuration element which each session inherits by default. Individual sessions can then override these settings.

5. Issues fixed

Fixed Jira tickets  FX-278, FX-276, FX-275, FX-274, FX-273, FX-272, FX-271, FX-270, FX-269, FX-268, FX-267, FX-266, FX-265, FX-264, FX-263, FX-228, FX-261, FX-260, FX-259, FX-258, FX-257, FX-256, FX-253, FX-252, FX-251, FX-250, FX-249, FX-248, FX-247, FX-246, FX-245, FX-244, FX-243, FX-242, FX-241, FX-240, FX-239, FX-238, FX-237, FX-236, FX-235, FX-233, FX-232, FX-231, FX-230, FX-229, FX-282, FX-280, FX-279, FX-283FX-285, FX-176, FX-220, FX-195, FX-217

Summary of changes

  • Provide access to raw inbound and outbound FIX message text
  • Provide tabsize setting to customise fix printerUpdate wiki with instruction of building NuGet packages
  • Realm range not working as expected
  • Poco On Windows
  • Add a few helper methods to BaseEntry and BaseMsgEntry
  • Mandatory fields not propagating through compiler with FIXT
  • MarketDataRequest with certain fields throws exception invalid field
  • default_appl_ver_id (1137) applied if configured, regardless of FIX version
  • Example of how to subscribe to MarketData
  • Distinguish between invalid and unknown field exceptions in message
  • Replace StaticTable with std::map
  • Facilitate Fix8Pro and open source common build
  • Segfault in ~Session::Session/Session:stop
  • Create FIX8 NuGet package
  • Create a .net port of fix8
  • Upgrade bundled FastFlow from 2.0.2 to 2.0.4
  • Replace FIX8::f8_atomic with std::atomic
  • FX-242 Write Fix8 1.1 to 1.2 migration guide
  • Replace all the sizes from unsigned to size_t
  • OSX g++-4.2.1 on mac does not support -fno-var-tracking-assignments.
  • Invalid inbound acceptor SenderCompID ignored
  • Acceptor SenderCompID not configurable
  • Provide test example for multi-session support
  • Provide support for underlying FieldType introspection
  • Support optional CompID enforcement
  • Replace FIX8::scoped_ptr with std::unique_ptr
  • Client logs should be created with SessionID suffix
  • Restructure Session wrapper classes to support non-templated base classes
  • Allow user to set SO_KEEPALIVE option from config
  • Complete confluence documentation for 1.1.0 and 1.2.0 features
  • Provide support and management for multiple ServerInstances
  • Server support for predefined set of remote SenderCompIDs
  • Allow user to set SO_REUSEADDR option from config
  • Allow user to set SO_LINGER option from config
  • Support defaults section in Session xml configuration
  • FX-41 Replace FIX8::dthread with std::thread
  • Add option to FIX8::logger to suppress LF on logline
  • Windows build fails when configured w/o TBB
  • Linux End-of-Line Character not handled by Message::factory
  • hftest server exits when sending preloaded messages under windows
  • f8print will not decode f8test runs properly
  • Cmd line scripts do not like spaces in path when building fix8 under Windows
  • Move compilation to use precompiled header

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