Sunday, 6 April 2014

Fix8 version 1.1.0 released

This the first minor release since our GA release of Fix8! This release adds to and improves stability, reliability as well as adding new features. Thanks to all who have helped get us across the line today.

1. Redis and Memcached persisters

In preparation for our full managed resiliency we have implemented two popular memory caches as Fix8 persisters. Redis, in particular, offers built-in resiliency, replication and reliability. Fix8 servers can be configured to take advantage of these features straight away.

2. Win64 Support

Fix8 now builds and runs on Windows 64 bit.

3. Hub support

Additional capability has been added to Fix8 to support operation in hub mode. This includes session and login scheduling. In our future release we will provide full FIX hub support which will leverage these features.

4. Issues fixed

Fixed Jira tickets  FX-223, FX-222, FX-221, FX-219, FX-216, FX-214, FX-213, FX-212, FX-211, FX-209, FX-206, FX-205, FX-204, FX-200, FX-198, FX-193, FX-192, FX-191FX-189FX-187FX-185, FX-183, FX-180, FX-178, FX-177, FX-175, FX-184, FX-224FX-225, FX-226FX-227, FX-203FX-230

Summary of changes

  • Fixed Win64 build failed with seqnum mismatch
  • Fixed f8c compiler crashes if schema file not found
  • Fixed Logfile creation should handle new paths
  • Fixed Won't reconnect if exchange log session out.
  • Fixed Deadlock in retransmission behaviour
  • Fixed Session silently ignores no logger, no plogger and no persister errors
  • Fixed Speedup Win build
  • Fixed Make auto linking fix8 lib optional
  • Fixed Remove public static vars from generated code
  • Fixed hftest works incompletely under win32/64
  • Fixed Test fix8 with onload/SFC 10G cards
  • Fixed Reliable session fails to re-connect on connection errors
  • Fixed UTs build fails when running via make
  • Fixed Hang in FIXReader::sockRead
  • Fixed gcc 4.2 and greater supports -fno-var-tracking -fno-var-tracking-assignments
  • Fixed Complete build options for Pthread API
  • Fixed Non-standard XML attribute comment problem
  • Fixed update Windows Wiki (confluence) page
  • Fixed f8print will not decode f8test runs properly
  • Added global logger needs optional file and line attributes when logging
  • Added provide redis persister
  • Added malloc configuration defines to f8config.h
  • Added support for Session based BusinessMessageReject ('j')
  • Added support for Session login and logout time
  • Added make socket read buffering optional
  • Added expose FIX8::Session scheduler to user session class
  • Added support for Session Start time and End Time
  • Added message handling: allow non-const operations
  • Added mechanism to support ad-hoc message recycling
  • Added permit alternate source/header extensions when generating code
  • Added session state change event callback
  • Added generic access to key/value pair put() and get() in Persister
  • Added precompiled header to f8c generated files

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