Sunday, 10 November 2013

Fix8 version 0.10.0 released

Keeping up the momentum of our pre-GA releases here is another instalment. We've had some fantastic input from a few dedicated contributors. A big thank you to all involved.

1. API Update

Note that there have been changes to the Fix8 API. Applications will need to be modified to build with this version. See the sample applications and the Wiki for more details.

2. Bug fixes

Fixed Jira tickets FX-102, FX-103, FX-104, FX-105, FX-107, FX-110, FX-113, FX-114, FX-115, FX-116, FX-119, FX-120, FX-122, FX-124, FX-127

Summary of changes

  • Fixed allow sender to take ownership of messages after send
  • Fixed removed message recycling
  • Fixed session::send not thread safe with multiple senders in threaded mode
  • Fixed TBB allocator is not used when linking to tbb
  • Fixed there is no itoa for int64
  • Fixed hb interval is set 1 when using reliable connection
  • Fixed multiple instances of FIX8 session share the last messages table
  • Fixed groups with 0 elements are not processed
  • Fixed error when sending message with BodyLength > 9999
  • Fixed issues with Windows build
  • Added Fix8 include path in generated files are now configurable
  • Added -P switch to f8c to embed fix8 in include paths
  • Added order batch send mode
  • Added allow application to detach messages when received from framework: Session::handle_application API change
  • Added provide way to set default precison for floating point values

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