Sunday, 13 October 2013

Fix8 version 0.9.6 released

We had a number of issues reported relating to repeating groups, and running on different platforms, which have been resolved.

This release has also now been tested on ARMv7 (32 bit).

1. Performance

Decode latency reduced by a further 10%. 

2. Bug fixes

Fixed Jira tickets FX-76, FX-93, FX-94, FX-95, FX-96, FX-97, FX-99, FX-100, FX-101

Summary of changes

  • Decode latency reduced; throughput now 3x quickfix
  • Fixed SIOF - static initialisation inconsistent on different platforms; use ctx() instead of ctx
  • Fixed compiler treats all repeating groups with the same name as common
  • Fixed core dump on message or field instantiation
  • Resolved not build tests on centos 6.4
  • Fixed required Fields in Optional Components Should be Flagged as Optional
  • Fixed remove FieldTraits reserve behaviour
  • Added provide switch to suppress doxygen warnings
  • Added missing some date/time related fields
  • Fixed Fix8 does not build properly on arm. Test cases build and pass on ARMv7
  • Fixed link dependencies for clang compilation
  • Added -C switch to f8c to turn off version checking
  • Added -I switch to f8c, providing more info about build config and platform
  • Added -W switch to f8c, to suppress warning messages

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