Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Fix8 version 0.9.6 pending

Coming in this release....

(Preview here) To be updated shortly...

1. Performance

Decode latency reduced by a further 10%. 

2. Bug fixes

Fixed Jira tickets FX-76, FX-93, FX-94, FX-95, FX-96, FX-97, FX-99, FX-100, FX-101

Summary of changes

  • Core dump on message or field instantiation
  • Common and unique repeating groups not properly supported
  • Upgraded fastflow to v2.0.2
  • Required Fields in Optional Components Should be Flagged as Optional
  • Add switch to f8c to turn off version checking
  • Remove FieldTraits reserve behaviour
  • Provide switch to suppress doxygen warnings
  • Missing some date/time related fields
  • Fix8 does not build properly on arm (now builds and runs properly on armv7)


We will be putting out another release candidate before making the full release. A few people are waiting on some of the critical fixes - including the repeating group issue.

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