Sunday, 22 September 2013

Fix8 version 0.9.5 released

There's a lot of work that has gone into this release. Thanks to all those who helped - especially reporting issues, trying out candidate fixes and contributing work-arounds and fixes.

1. Performance

Decode latency reduced by a further 20%. In our side by side shootout with Quickfix, Fix8 now comes in under 5us for a NewOrderSingle.

2. Bug fixes

Fixed Jira tickets FX-78, FX-79, FX-80, FX-81, FX-82, FX-83, FX-84, FX-85, FX-86, FX-87, FX-88, FX-89, FX-90, FX-91, FX-29, FX-92

Summary of changes

  • Fixed SendingTime and TransactTime not being output by Fix8 printer
  • Added compiler option to suppress realm use during field construction
  • Replaced Poco::DateTime with custom date time parser.
  • Fixed f8c compiler crashing on exit
  • Fixed Incorrect sequence number in GenerateSequenceReset
  • Removed coroutine process mode spinlocks
  • Workaround for f8test not building on low memory platforms or with older compilers
  • Skip formal decode of some header/trailer fields
  • Fixed error checking on logfile creation
  • Fixed F8MetaCntx::_bme.find() not returning end() if not found
  • Fixed ignore_logon_sequence_check check core dumping in client
  • Added permit applications to by-pass chksum checking
  • Replace field string parameter with const char *
  • Fixed generated files should not build with newer framework versions
  • Fixed replace compiler f8c generated instantiators with compiler generated versions
  • Fixed bug with some linux distros, threaded sessions core dump on exit
  • Replaced #ifdef 0 comment blocks with /* ... */
  • Templated Field::add_field
  • Improved fix printer formatting, removed incorrect group metadata
  • Added rdtsc option for codec timing
  • Added set_scheduler and set_affinity support

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