Sunday, 22 September 2013

Fix8 version 0.9.5 released

There's a lot of work that has gone into this release. Thanks to all those who helped - especially reporting issues, trying out candidate fixes and contributing work-arounds and fixes.

1. Performance

Decode latency reduced by a further 20%. In our side by side shootout with Quickfix, Fix8 now comes in under 5us for a NewOrderSingle.

2. Bug fixes

Fixed Jira tickets FX-78, FX-79, FX-80, FX-81, FX-82, FX-83, FX-84, FX-85, FX-86, FX-87, FX-88, FX-89, FX-90, FX-91, FX-29, FX-92

Summary of changes

  • Fixed SendingTime and TransactTime not being output by Fix8 printer
  • Added compiler option to suppress realm use during field construction
  • Replaced Poco::DateTime with custom date time parser.
  • Fixed f8c compiler crashing on exit
  • Fixed Incorrect sequence number in GenerateSequenceReset
  • Removed coroutine process mode spinlocks
  • Workaround for f8test not building on low memory platforms or with older compilers
  • Skip formal decode of some header/trailer fields
  • Fixed error checking on logfile creation
  • Fixed F8MetaCntx::_bme.find() not returning end() if not found
  • Fixed ignore_logon_sequence_check check core dumping in client
  • Added permit applications to by-pass chksum checking
  • Replace field string parameter with const char *
  • Fixed generated files should not build with newer framework versions
  • Fixed replace compiler f8c generated instantiators with compiler generated versions
  • Fixed bug with some linux distros, threaded sessions core dump on exit
  • Replaced #ifdef 0 comment blocks with /* ... */
  • Templated Field::add_field
  • Improved fix printer formatting, removed incorrect group metadata
  • Added rdtsc option for codec timing
  • Added set_scheduler and set_affinity support

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Fix8 version 0.9.5 pending

Coming in 0.9.5

  • Fixes to fix8 compiler crash problem
  • Fixes to Jira tickets FX-78, FX-79, FX-80, FX-81, FX-82, FX-83
  • Reduction in decode latency of around 20%

GA Release plans

We were planning on a full GA release in the next month. We have decided to push this further out for a number of reasons, including allowing users to try out the windows port and report any issues they might find.

Fix8 on ARMv7

We are also currently working with the developers of FastFlow to fix issues with Fix8 on ARMv7. We hope to have these issues ironed out soon.


We are delaying this release for a few more days. We're fixing a couple more bugs just reported and a few other persistent ones (f8c crashing in particular). We'll get this release out ASAP.