Saturday, 29 June 2013

Fix8 version 0.9.0 released

Probably our last pre-GA release! Here's what we've got:

1. Performance: >3x faster than Quickfix

We've had more fantastic improvements in encode/decode performanceFor the same message, Fix8 encodes 3.2 times faster and decodes 2.3 times faster averaging 2.7 times over Quickfix. In other words, reduces encode latency by 69% and reduces decode latency by 56%See Performance to see how we substantiate more of this shameless bragging.

2. Improvements to process modes

Fix8 now supports three process modes - pipelined, threaded and coroutines. As well as supporting threaded reader/writer with pipelining on or off, we we also want to support coroutine versions. With these versions, only a single thread of execution will exist per session, with the FIX reader, writer and application main loop all cooperatively sharing (scheduling) their work loads. In an ULL context this can deliver superior performance on a single interface with maximum cache coherency.

3. Summary of changes

  1. Fixed Jira tickets FX-57, FX-58, FX-59, FX-60, FX-61, FX-62, FX-63
  2. Logflags - support specific inbound and outbound flags for protocol logs
  3. Replace cfpopen with non GPL replacement
  4. Fixed compiler generated include guards do not work if alternate output directory specified.
  5. Fixed f8c compiler - can't specify output directory by "-o" as expected
  6. Remove header/trailer field lookups in encode and decode
  7. Fixed unit tests not building properly
  8. Add optional coroutine version of FIX reader and writer. The test client hftest can be run in coroutine mode to demonstrate how to use this feature. Coroutines will be documented in the wiki.

          Saturday, 15 June 2013

          Fix8 joins Fix Protocol Limited (FPL)

          We have joined FPL! Our aim is is promote FIX and Fix8, contribute to the development of new FIX related protocols, and to work with buy and sell side market participants.

          Our thanks to those in the industry who assisted our membership efforts.