Monday, 22 April 2013

Fix8 version 0.7.3 pending

Here's what's coming ...

  1. Performance: 48% faster decode than quickfix, 25% faster encode (see our performance page.)
  2. FIX Component metadata visibility
  3. Numerous bug fixes

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Fix8 version 0.7.2 released

Here's what's in the release....

1. Removed dependence on TBB

  • Fix8 will supply and use FastFlowTBB is no longer required to build.
  • TBB can be optionally installed to provide concurrent queues. In our testing, TBB still performs better than FastFlow (this may change as we tweak our implementation).

2. Stack based messages

  • We have added limited support for stack based messages. Heap allocation is still required for Fields.
  • Session::send can now take a Message& which will allow the creation and destruction of the message to occur on the current thread.
  • We are working on a complete stack based solution.

3. Framework pipelining control

  • Sessions can now be configured to optionally use pipelining (previously on by default)
  • Can result in significant improvements in performance

4. Persistence sequence number edit utility 'seqedit'

  • seqedit allows you to modify the next send/receive sequence numbers stored in a file based persistence file. 
  • You can also use this utility to dump the contents of the persistence file and index

5. Bug fixes and code changes

  • Fixed jira tickets FX-23, FX-35, FX-36, FX-37, FX-38, FX-39, FX-40, FX-42, FX-43, FX-44, FX-17
  • Added man-pages for seqedit and f8c
  • Fixed under load, server disconnects client reporting it has timed out on receiving messages
  • Permit selection of pipelined or non-pipelined operation, through session config
  • Change performance test application to provide better measure of codec performance
  • Make Intel TBB optional
  • Fixed FileLogger::rotate() not working as expected
  • Fixed FIXReader, FIXWriter dropping bytes when buffers full
  • Fixed build hftest issue
Many thanks to all involved.