Saturday, 23 February 2013

Fix8 version 0.7.0 released

Here's whats in the release....

1. File Based Persistence

  • Indexed file based message persistence is now the default. BerkeleyDB no longer required to build.
  • BerkeleyDB can be optionally installed to provide BerkeleyDB backed persistence if desired.

2. RPM support

  • Added which configure will use to generate fix8.spec
  • rpm and deb binaries will now be released with each tagged release.
  • See downloads.

3. Multi-session server support

  • Persistence and logfiles now use SessionIDs to create unique session
  • Server files created on logon

4. Bug fixes and code changes

  • Fixed jira tickets FX-34, FX-33, FX-32, FX-30, FX-29, FX-28
  • XML parser accepts embedded spaces between attribute, '=' and attribute value
  • Provide mechanism for client or server to set next expected send/receive sequence number
  • Client correctly handling sequence_reset from server
  • Permit applications to by-pass chksum checking
  • Chksum logic correctly comparing calculated to passed value
Many thanks to all involved.

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