Monday, 28 January 2013

Fix8 version 0.6.7 released

I have just released 0.6.7. This should probably have been a minor release instead of a patch release. I have other functionality marked for release in 0.7.0. In any event, here's whats in the release....

The big news here is performance!

  1. Our testing shows that Fix8 is on average 29% faster encoding/decoding the same message than Quickfix.
  2. Typical client NewOrderSingle encode latency is now 9.8µs, and ExecutionReport decode 11.6µs
Go to the Performance page to see how we substantiate this shameless bragging!

Bug fixes and code changes

  • Add support for C++ insert operator (+= operator is still supported)
  • Fixed 'make install ' to properly copy all relevant files to target
  • Replace Poco::DateTimeFormatter and Poco::DateTimeParser with ULL versions (thanks Mr Su)
  • Reduce encode/decode latency
  • Permit client and server to specify send/recv TCP buffer sizes
  • Fixed test clients core dumping on socket errors
  • Fixed server disconnects and client reporting it has timed out on receiving messages

Changes to the Fix8 website

  • Expanded the performance analysis documentation
  • Performance comparison with Quickfix
  • Expanded FAQ, including clarification of our Open Source license
  • How it works
  • Expanded the Fix8 wiki

Again many thanks to all involved.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Fix8 version 0.6.7 release pending

Just finishing off testing. Included in this forthcoming release are:

  • various improvements to performance
  • bug fixes
  • improvements to the test applications
  • improvements and additions to the website, documentation updates

These will all be described in more detail in this blog.